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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Chettinad Lamb Head Curry (Thalakari Kulambu)

Lamb head chopped ½ kg
Onion chopped 1
Tomatoes chopped 2
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder ½ tsp
Chilli powder 1 tsp
Turmeric extract ½ cup
Pepper corns ½ tsp
Fennel seeds ½ tsp
Salt and oil as required
1.      clean the lamb head pieces and keep aside
2.      In a pan add oil, pepper corns, fennel seeds.
3.      Then add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and lamb head pieces. Allow it to cook till it oozes out its water
4.      Add tamarind extract, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt.
5.      Allow it cook till the meat is done
            Serve hot with rice

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